T-rex head

T. rex head.

{This page is under construction.}. Tyrannosaurus rex
, commonly known by its abbreviation T. rex, was a tyrannosaurid theropod and one of the last non-avian dinosaurs to exist, being known from North America. It lived 68 to 66 million years ago during the Maastrichtian Stage of the Late Cretaceous Period. The Tyrannosaurus rex was the apex predator of the time, preying on hadrosaurs and ceratopsians. It is also believed that Tyrannosaurus rex acted as both a scavenger and a hunter.

Popular Culture Edit

Literature Edit

  • The 1990 novel Jurassic Park featured a T.rex.

Films Edit

  • The 1993 film adaption of Jurassic Park was much more popular than the book.
  • The Toy Story franchise features Rex the dinosaur.
  • The 2006 comedy film Night at the Museum features a skeletal T.rex named Rexy. Rexy appeared in the 2009 sequel, and got a Triceratops girlfriend in the 2014 third film.
  • A T.rex nicknamed Grumpy appeared in the 2009 comedy film Land of the Lost. he appears evil at first but redeems later. He has a huge brain.