Pseudolagosuchus was a genus of silesaurid dinosauriform, from the ladinian of Argentina. It has been suggested on occasion to be a synonym of Lewisuchus, in which case it (Pseudolagosuchus) would bcome an objective junior symonym of it (Lewisuchus). It was similar in size to L. admixus, 1 meter long, 30cm tall, 2 kilos.[1][2][3]


  1. A. B. Arcucci. 1987. Un nuevo Lagosuchidae (Thecodontia-Pseudosuchia) de la fauna de Los Chañares (Edad Reptil Chañarense, Triasico Medio), La Rioja, Argentina [A new Lagosuchidae (Thecodontia-Pseudosuchia) from Los Chañares fauna (Chanarian Reptile Age, Middle Triassic), La Rioja Province, Argentina]. Ameghiniana 24(1-2):89-94

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