Plateosaurus (meaning 'flat lizard') is a genus of plateosaurid prosauropod dinosaur that lived during the Norian and Rhaetian stages of the Late Triassic period, around 216 to 199 million years ago in what is now Europe. There are two currently recognized species, P. engelhardti and P. longiceps, although others have been assigned in the past.

Discovered in 1834 and described three years later, Plateosaurus was one of the first dinosaurs formally named, although not one of the three genera originally used to define Dinosauria, because at the time it was poorly known and impossible to identify as a dinosaur. Plateosaurus were bulky bipedal herbivores which had small skulls on long necks, sharp plant-crushing teeth, powerful limbs, and large thumb claw on each 'hand' probably used for defense and feeding.

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