{This page is under costruction.}. Pachyrhinosaurus is a successful genus of campanian-maastrichtian N. american ceratopsid. In particular it was a pachyrostran centrosaur, being fairly large at 8m 4tons, and being native to Canada and Alaska. There are three known species: P. canadensis, P. lakustai, P. perotorum, and a potential unknown species.


Like other pachyrhinosaurins, they had flattened "bosses", on both the eyes and nose, which are bigger then those of it's relatives. Beyond this, there where other ornaments on the face that where dimophic; by both species and sex. These include a pair of small hornlets  coming out the top of the frill, as well the frill itself (Aldo little difference is known between species, yet.), and a hornlet absent in P. perotorum at the base of the frill.

The bosse itself also varries; the bosse of P. lakustai is smaller, and the eye and nose bosses are spread apart, P. canadensis has the distinctive large bosses, almost touching between eye and nose, P. perotorum has a massive bosse. Also, an extension of the bosses of P. canadensis and P. lakustai is absent in P. perotorum, which itself has a "dome" at the back of the bosse.

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