{This page is under construction.}. Gongpoquansaurus is a genus of basal hadrosauroid ornithopod from China. It was formally known as Probactrosaurus mazongshanensis, aldo the redescription paper is still in press {Note: Change when published.}.[1][2]


  1. Lü J., 1997, "A new Iguanodontidae (Probactrosaurus mazongshanensis sp. nov.) from Mazongshan area, Gansu Province, China", In: Z. Dong (ed.), Sino-Japanese Silk Road Dinosaur Expedition. China Ocean Press, Beijing pp. 27-47
  2. H.-l. You et al. (in press). "Gongpoquansaurus mazongshanensis (Lü, 1997) comb. nov. (Ornithischia: Hadrosauroidea) from the Early Cretaceous of Gansu Province, northwestern China". In David A. Eberth and David C. Evans (eds). Hadrosaurs: Proceedings of the International Hadrosaur Symposium. Indiana University Press.

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