Eoplectyreurys - 1(Fossil)


{This page is under construction.}. Eoplectreurys
is an extinct genus of spider from the family Plectreuridae, with a sole species, Eoplectreurys gertschi. The fossils of Eoplectreurys were recovered from the 165 Ma old Middle Jurassic Daohugou formation tuffs in Inner Mongolia, China. The type specimens are deposited in the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology with the genus being described from a total of seven adult spiders. Eoplectreurys was first studied and described by Drs Paul Selden and Diying Huang, who published their type description in the journal Naturwissenschaften in 2010. The genus name is a combination of the Greek word "Eos" which means "dawn", and Plectreurys, the name of the modern genus which the fossils closely resemble.[1]


  1. Selden, P.A.; Huang, D. (2010). "The oldest haplogyne spider (Araneae: Plectreuridae), from the Middle Jurassic of China". Naturwissenschaften 97 (5): 449–59.

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