Cretoxyrhina mantelli, the "Jaws of the Cretaceous", was a shark that lived in the Cretaceous period in the Western Interior Sea, about 100 million years ago. C. mantelli grew up to 24 feet (7 meters) long which is longer than the modern day Great White Shark, and is known from several nearly complete skeletal fossils. Its name means "Mantell's chalk-sharp-nose". The fossil teeth of C. mantelli are 5 cm long, curved, and smooth-edged, with a thick enamel coating.

C. mantelli became extinct 90 million years ago. A majority of the remains have been found in Kansas.

Cretoxyrhina mantelli 1DB2

Ironically it was not the top predator in the sea despite its size with Tylosaurus being able to easily prey on Cretoxyrhina.

It shared the sea with fellow sharks such as the Anacoracid Squalicorax and fellow Cretoxyrhinid Cretalamna