• Chanaresuchus lower jaw.
  • Chanaresuchus skull - Upper.
  • Chanaresuchus skull - Full
{This page is under construction.}. Chanaresuchus
is a genus of rhadinosuchid* proterochamsian, and is found in multiple formations dated to mid-Triassic age. I grew to just over a meter, which aldo small, was the average for many small archosaurs, synapsids, etc in the Triassic.[1]
  • Note that some studies find it to lay in proterochamsidae proper, these however are older then the ones indicating a rhadinosuchid classification.


  1. Romer, A. S. (1971). "The Chañares (Argentina) Triassic reptile fauna. XI. Two new long-snouted thecodonts, Chanaresuchus and Gualosuchus". Breviora 379: 1–22.

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