Ceardactylus - 1(Holotype)

Holotype sketch.

{This page is under construction.}. Cearadactylus
(meaning "Ceara finger") was a ctenochasmid pterosaur that lived 112.6 to 109.0 mya. Type specimen of C. atrox (The type and only species.) is F-PV-93, a 3D partial skull including mandibles. It is known solely from from the Santana formation.[1][2][3]


  1. G. Leonardi and G. Borgomanero. 1985. Cearadactylus atrox nov. gen., nov. sp.: novo Pterosauria (Pterodactyloidea) da Chapada do Araripe, Ceará, Brasil. Coletânea de Trabalhos Paleontológicos, Série Geologia, Brasilia 75-80

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